We are a coalition of Chicago based organizations in solidarity with Palestinian rights and with the right to boycott. We see the attempts to criminalize and demonize the Boycott Divestment Sanctions movement as an attack on free speech and human rights, not just for Palestininans but for all who advocate for human rights. None of us is free until all of us are free.

Join the Chicago Coalition for Justice in Palestine tomorrow Sunday January 23rd at Federal Plaza in downtown Chicago for a rally protesting the recent increase in violence against Palestinians in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.Illinois law may keep us from protesting thorugh our pension funds, but we can still USE OUR VOICES!

Archbishop Desmond Tutu on Anti BDS Laws

I am writing today to express grave concern about a wave of legislative measures in the United States aimed at punishing and intimidating those who speak their conscience and challenge the human rights violations endured by the Palestinian people. In legislatures in Maryland, New York, Illinois, Florida, and even the United States Congress, bills have been proposed that would either bar funding to academic associations or seek to malign those who have taken a stand against the Israeli Occupation of Palestine.


In 2015 the Illinois General Assembly passed Public Act 099-0128, the Anti Boycott Divestment Sanctions Bill. Supported and encouraged by then governor Bruce Rauner,  the law was the first in a series of anti Palestinian state laws aimed at punishing Palestinian free speech, in some cases by criminalizing protected political activity of state employees.

The Illinois law prohibits state-run pension funds from investing in companies that for political reasons refuse to do business with “ the state of Israel or in territories controlled by Israel”. It created  the Illinois Investment Policy Board and the Committee on Israel Boycott Restrictions. There are currently 45 companies on the prohibited list for boycotting Israel.

In July 2021, Ben and Jerry’s, the Vermont ice cream company founded by two Jewish entrepreneurs, made the historic  announcement that they would cease doing business in illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank. This courageous decision prompted cries of outrage from Israel and its supporters, and increasingly outlandish demands to boycott Ben and Jerry’s. States like Illinois, which already had anti-BDS laws, moved to enforce them against B&J’s parent company Unilever.

On September 9th, despite opposition from representatives of Bright Stars of Bethlehem, the Chicago Faith Coalition on Middle East Peace, the US Palestinian Community Network, Committee for a Just Peace in Israel/Palestine, and Jewish Voice for Peace, the IIPB board voted to investigate Unilever and possibly add it to the prohibited investments list. The committee is also investigating Chicago based Morningstar for recommending against investing in Israel due to its poor human rights record.  Our coalition opposes  the statute and the targeting of Ben and Jerry’s /Unilever and Morningstar for the following reasons:


“Israel” vs West Bank Settlements

B&J is refusing to do business in the illegal Israeli West Bank settlements, not in Israel proper. This is a significant distinction. The law in question can punish any company that “refuses to do business with Israel or in territory controlled by Israel”. The provision disregards longstanding U.S. policy to not support the illegal settlements, or any acts that further Israel’s annexation and settlement expansion.

The United Nations rapporteur on the region has described the settlements  as a war crime, whose illegality is enshrined in international humanitarian law, specifically the Fourth Geneva Convention; and has been confirmed by the UN, the Human Rights Council, the International Court of Justice, and the International Red Cross. Leading  pro Israel organizations and most US officials condemn them as an obstacle to a two state solution.

“Fighting Antisemitism”?

When the anti boycott law creating this board was passed in 2015, proponents claimed it was needed to protect against antisemitism. However, Ben and Jerry’s was started by 2 Jewish businessmen; the company based its decision to stop selling in the illegal Israeli settlements on human rights, not on ethnic bigotry. Morningstar’s Israel assessment offers neutral, fact based data on risk. Political or financial criticism of Israel is not antisemitism.

Recently FOIAed documents revealed that members of the Committee on Israel Boycott Restrictions asked for  support in protecting Israel’s sovereignty over “Judea and Samaria”, an annexationist term for the West Bank. Thus it’s clear that the real goal of the  committee is  to support Israeli control of the  settlements, not to protect Jews.

Anti Palestinian Racism and the Right to Boycott

Even Zionist leaders and organizations which object to boycotting Israel recognize that there is a right to boycott. J-Street, Americans for Peace Now and Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky have all taken positions against outlawing or punishing boycotts against Israel. The right to boycott is a constitutionally protected form of political speech.Essentially, the statute puts Israel in a special category, as the only nation protected from criticism. By definition, this discriminates against Palestinians, the only oppressed racial/ethnic group that is banned from engaging in a legal, constitutionally protected form of protest. While  Illinois censures the human rights violations of other countries, it punishes any company that takes a stand against such violations in Israel, and forbids public pension funds from making human rights based investment decisions.

Illinois Coalition For Justice Equality and Free Speech calls on the IIPB to cease adverse actions against Unilever and Morningstar. We call on  Governor Pritzker to review the discriminatory, unconstitutional nature of this statute and of the Committee on Israel Boycott Restrictions, and to support the right of companies and pension funds to follow socially responsible investment principles. The Coalition will rally  at the Thompson Center 100 W. Randolph, 16th Floor on December 22 at 11:00 am before addressing the  Committee members in person at their noon meeting. Join us in standing up for equality, justice and freedom for all.


Ask the governor to review the discriminatory, unconstitutional nature of this statute and of the Committee on Israel Boycott Restrictions, and to support the right of companies and pension funds to follow socially responsible investment principles.

207 State Capitol Building

Springfield, IL 62706

James R. Thompson Center

100 West Randolph St., Suite 16-100

Chicago, IL 60601

Phone:  217-782-0244

Governor Pritzker @GovPritzker


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